Chinese Digital Consumers, Part 2 – Mobile

Following on from our introduction to this multi series of articles on the Chinese Digital consumer, let’s investigate the vast amount of mobile users (98% of the online population) and how they divide their time and funds.

Compared to consumers who use laptops, desktops and tablets to make online purchases, mobile has steadily risen to be the number one device with over 84% of users preferring to use their phone.

Mobile users are typically aged between 26 to 30 (29%) or 31 to 35 (22%) and are usually married with sizeable salaries.

Further to this, research shows in the last 12 months more than 70% of consumers have used WeChat Wallet and 92% have used Alipay rather than using cash. These apps offer countless options for users to shop and go about their daily lives all with a few taps on their phone, in fact, as of Jan 2019 Alipay has now launched of range of new services including paying traffic fines, immigration issues and marriage registration which can all be done via a phone.

Businesses wanting to tap into this rapidly growing connected market need only to utilise these powerful apps.

For more information on the Chinese Digital Consumer see Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4 of this series.

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