Chinese Digital Consumers

China’s internet population surges ahead to over 800 million!

Data published by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), a branch of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information, reveals almost 60% of the country’s population actively use the internet (Aug 2018), with an astounding 98% using mobile devices!

This is the world’s largest country of internet users and shows just how far mobile technology has come in recent years. Chinese consumers are spending less time engaging with more traditional forms of advertising such as TV, print media and radio, and are far more interested in leveraging digital technology to enhance their lives in all aspects, from booking taxi’s, paying bills to online purchasing and social sharing. Figures show that online sales grew at 28%, while comparatively, offline sales grew just 5% over the same period.

So just how are the digitally-savvy Chinese consumers spending their time online?

According to Nielson, as the global online tide continues to rise, there are undercurrents unique only to China as they utilize mobile devices, e-commerce, social media and online payments, showing distinctive trends in their digital behaviours.

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On the horizon

Chinese society has been transformed by the rise of the digital landscape and show an almost overzealous hunger for innovations that make their lives exciting and easier. So, what’s next for this insatiable appetite for all things digital?

There is still plenty of room for growth with rural households numbering in the thousands yet to come online. Only 27% of this market has been penetrated with 73% of cities by comparison. It is estimated this gap will be reduced within the next 10 years, revealing a new market of connected consumers.

A recent Nielsen report states that “consumers will no longer need to search for information. Information will find them”.

Existing technology will spread and diversify with virtual assistants recommending everything from places to dine, the latest fashion and entertainment.

Costs, production and delivery times will be reduced with robotics and driverless vehicles.

Payments will become faster and smoother as new technologies emerge, such as facial recognition, replacing current smartphone payment systems like QR codes.

And with these new technologies, brands will be able to grow like never before, making deeper connections that last longer but only by adapting their approach will they succeed in this new environment and realise the potential of China’s digital revolution.

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