David Jones is an iconic Australian luxury department store, which has set up a WeChat account to communicate with Chinese shoppers. However, the account was not managed efficiently. After taking over by China Social Solutions, CSS provided management services focusing on producing high quality fashion related article contents. A single month readership of David Jones’ WeChat account has double than last quarter combined. David Jones’ WeChat has become a weekly fashion magazine with brand and product listings catering to Chinese audience.

China Social Solutions provides comprehensive Chinese social media services. While boosting WeChat article readership, China Social Solutions assisted David Jones to launch monthly advertising campaigns on Weibo. By using the most premium newsfeed advertising unit, China Social Solutions has successfully driven a great number of clicks to David Jones’ online store, with CTR as high as 0.64%.

For 2018 Autumn/Winter New Collection Launch, China Social Solutions helped David Jones select a Weibo fashion Key Opinion Leader: Coco Li, and conducted the first Australian fashion show live streamed on Chinese social media: Weibo & Yizhibo. This live event had more than 11,000 concurrent viewers and accumulated more than 346,000+ views with more than 100 shares, 1000 comments and 400 likes.