WeChat vs Weibo The Difference

Let’s look at WeChat and Weibo, the two most popular social media sites in China; how they operate, what their differences are and how they can be used for business.


The number one platform in China, WeChat is an instant messaging system much like Facebook’s Messenger however, it goes far beyond just communication. This is an operating system that is used throughout daily life for things such as booking taxi’s and flights, paying bills, transferring money, playing games and making purchases. Users almost never need to leave this versatile platform.

There are different accounts, including personal or business accounts with the latter able to generate promotional content. In addition to this, each WeChat account user is issued with a QR code and these codes are scanned by businesses wishing to connect and keep in contact – much like exchanging business cards in the west.

So how can this be used for business? While there are restrictions on advertising, businesses can use Banner Ads, Moments Ads and KOL advertising, and when looking at the statistics below it’s definitely something not to be ignored.

WeChat Statistics

108 billion Monthly Active Users

619.6 million Average Daily Active Users


A micro-blogging platform, Sina Weibo, or Weibo, is the second most popular social media platform in China and amongst the Chinese community. The equivalent to Facebook and Twitter combined it is a much more open and public platform compared with WeChat. This is where users are able to follower other users and like and share information that has been uploaded such as images, videos etc. Information is readily available, can easily go viral and there is no need to connect with other users to view and engage.

Why is it important for business?

This platform is very rich in content and users are attracted to engaging with the latest trends offered by companies and celebrities. Products can be sold directly through the page and businesses are able to increase communication with users and reach large audiences by way of interaction through the page.

Sina Weibo Statistics

446 million Monthly Active Users

116.7 million Average Daily Active Users

As the top two social media platforms within the Chinese community, both WeChat and Weibo offer huge potential for businesses to penetrate this vital market, and while there are some key differences, they share the same principal by way of making life engaging and easier for users.

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